Battle of the Unbeaten


trent austin


The 7th fight of the night was the Clash of the Titans. Chris Thompson, 6’3” and 219lbs with a record of 4-0, against Trent Austin 6’8” and 258lbs with a record of 3-0.

Thompson quickly got Austin up on the ropes to start round one. You could feel the arean quake as the two giants used the entire ring to maneuver and plan their attacks. Thompson landed a couple body shots up against the ropes and Austin landed some thundering knees, kicks and right hooks as the first round came to an adrenaline packed end. In Round 2 these massive fighters came out to rumble again as they found themselves against the ropes with Thompson landing a nice hook with ten seconds to go in the round. Round 3 was no disappointment as the fighters went toe to toe, but Thompson was just never able to overcome the first round dominated by Austin. The winner was Trent Austin by unanimous decision and he celebrated by letting his inner Cam Newton shine with a dab to the cheering crowd.

By Get Real Promotions Ring-side Analyst T.W. Krems