Congratulations to the new Real MMA Champion

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Defending REAL MMA Champion

Andre “The Sauce” Hafer
Calvin “Hercules” Parrington

This was the main event, the fight of the night and it lived up to all the hype. The Defending Champion Andre “The Sauce” Hafer, fighting for the Elevation Fight Team from Denver, at 6’0” 156 lbs. and the Challenger Calvin “Hercules” Parrington fighting for Carlson Gracie in Las Vegas.

The fighters came out of their corners ready for action in Round 1. Hafer had a nice high kick before Parrington took the fight to the mat, giving the judges a closer look at his moves. Parrington positioned himself and lifted Hafer off the canvas then, slammed him back to reality as the first round came to an end.

In Round 2, Hafer came out swinging and landed a couple good shots to Parrington’s face. Hercules Parrington took Hafer to the mat again and again but did not land any punches. The fight was temporarily halted for an incidental poke to Hafer’s eye, which became a common occurrence. A few more punches were thrown and there was another takedown by Parrington.

Round 3, of this 5-round bout, started in favor of Hafer, as he landed a quick left and right, however, Parrington came back with a straight kick to the chest. Hafer threw a fury of jabs to the face and Parrington landed some knees to the body, scoring another takedown. The two fighters started to show their fatigue on the mat at the end of Round 3.

Round 4 was pivotal because it could have changed the entire outcome of the fight. As the round progressed, Hafer came within seconds of scoring with a rear naked choke, but the bell saved Parrington and in the end, the victory. In the final round, Hafer scored a takedown early and he tried to score again with a choke, but Parrington fought back. The round was stopped, again, with another poke to Hafer’s eye.

Parrington turned to the referee ringside while the bout was paused, and stated that he had
“been poked in the eye too but isn’t crying about it.”

Hafer landed a sick right hook when the fight resumed, but Parrington slammed Hafer back to the mat. The fight ended with Hafer dumping Parrington on the mat at the bell. As this main event bout came to an end, no one was sure who would be the winner.

The defending champ, Hafer, or the challenger, Parrington? The call went to the judges’ cards. The first judge scored it 48-47, judge two scored it 47-48, the third judge scored the fight 48-47. The winner and new REAL MMA Champion, by split decision, was Calvin “Hercules” Parrington.

He was awarded the Championship Belt with his fight team. Real Water and Get Real Promotions Founder Brent Jones and Get Real Promotions Vice President Kaine“Kong” Marzola, as well as announcer Lisa “The Black Widow” King were ringside as the night of amazing, adrenaline packed amateur fights came to an end.

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