Mixed Martial Arts No Longer Banned in the State of New York

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Madison Square Garden

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is no longer banned in the state of New York. There has been great controversy and turmoil over the decision to lift the ban. The New York Assembly and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), have been battling the topic of the legalization of MMA for over 19 years. Many government officials worry about the possible negative effects lifting the ban will have on society.

According to Lohud, “New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo fully supports a bill to legalize MMA. Along with Joseph Morelle, Assembly Majority Leader agreed to sign the bill as long as adequate regulations were implemented in comparison to boxing.” Danny O’Donnell, Democratic Assemblyman for Manhattan, believes that despite the lack of clothing participants wear (in regards to subjecting youth to sexuality), and the violence publicized; money would play a gigantic role in overturning the banning of MMA in the state of New York.

According to The Stylus, “With the bill being passed, New York State’s economy can be boosted up by tax revenues, merchandising, economic impact of travel and all other factors included when hosting a large event.” The UFC has their eyes set on Madison Square Garden. In contrast to boxing’s three percent tax on all tickets being sold, the bill passed adds an 8.5 percent tax to all MMA tickets sold

Lorenzo Ferititta, UFC Chairman and CEO, told Lohud, “Since Mixed Martial Arts is no longer banned in the state of New York, hopes for at least one showdown at Madison Square Garden in New York City before the year is out is imminent.”

By Jhayla D. Tyson


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