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Chris Rojas started mixed martial arts when he was 18. He began with Jiu-jitsu and did some small tournaments then, he expanded into boxing and kickboxing.

Rojas has his debut fight at 19 years old. His first fight was rough. He thought he won, but lost by split decision. He said, “At the end of the day, it was my fault for letting it go to the judges’ score cards.”

He was upset by the decision, but Rojas said he would get nothing out of being negative, so he took it to the gym. He made adjustments and continued training. The result? He won his second fightin the first round.

Rojas trains 3-4 times a day around his night job at the airport. He likes to mentally wind down in the hot tub at his gym, while he reflects on the day and prepares for the next.

In 2016, Rojas fought every other month. His current record is 5-2-0, at the age of 21. His next scheduled fight is Jan. 26, 2018, against Ray “Ace” Ostrander, at Real MMA XVI.

There will be seven months between Rojas’ last fight and his bout with Ostrander. He has been training hard to make his weaknesses his strengths and sharpening his skills. Rojas is hoping to be able to reach his goal of becoming a professional fighter after he wins the title. However, he is focused on his title match against Ostrander.

Rojas said he saw a Real MMA event and wanted to be on the fight card because it is the best amateur organization that takes care of their fighters. The fighters first mentality shows at the events.

“Expect a big finish on January 26.” Rojas promises his fans he will make this event exciting.

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