Cole Griego Comes to Real MMA XVI to Win

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Cole Griego started mixed martial arts when he was 13. He started Jiu-jitsu with his dad at the gym across the street. They both instantly fell in love with the martial art and began competing in tournaments.
Then, Griego got into kickboxing and after his first kickboxing smoker, he decided there was no turning back.

He wrestled in high school for a year but decided to focus only on MMA because it was more intense.
Chris Rojas and Griego wrestled in high school and they still train together. Both fighters say they are the best and plan to go pro in 2018. Griego says he is a specimen and more talented than any opponent Real MMA can find.

He loves to fight, but he loves to win more. He wants someone to get in the ring who is not afraid to bang with him for the first round. He is tired of clipping opponents and then having them dive for his legs.
Regardless of the opponent, Griego trains to fight. He may look up the fighter’s record and watch a few videos, but the game plan is the same: Get in, knock him out, take the win. The training process remains: Train all aspects of the game to take the win.

Griego wants to be challenged. He wants to fight someone worth his time and effort. He trains at the best gym with the best trainers in the world: Joey Villasenor, Mike Winkeljohn, and Andrew Tennason. He even has taken some Judo classes. Griego is looking to fight hard and often. His goal is to go pro by the end of the year.

His recent promo video may make people think he does not respect for the sport. He respects his fellow fighters and mixed martial arts. They hype draws attention. Griego likes to talk smack to get pumped up before a fight and possibly psyche out his opponent. After the fight, however, he leaves it all in the ring.

When asked why he wanted to return to Real MMA Griego said, “Rudy is awesome. The way he treats the fighters and promotes them cannot be beat. Real MMA does not disappoint.”

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