The Real American Dream Rudy “Ruthless” Morales

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Rudy “Ruthless” Morales is the fighter’s fighter.

He has been fighting for 10 years. His pro-fighter debut was against Roman Isbell at the Nevada Regionals.
Morales started Karate when he was 8 years old. Before he started fighting with mixed martial arts, he was leaning toward boxing. When he was 18, he was approached to try MMA. Promoters and trainers thought he was strong in his Karate and they liked that he was a little flashy. However, he did not take his first fight until he was 22.

One things that separates Morales from other fighters is since the beginning he was focused on how he could promote himself. This is what makes him the fighter’s fighter. He does the same for those that fight for Real MMA.

MoralesMorales would watch UFC fighters with logos on their shorts and wonder why amateur fighters do not have sponsors or go out and get sponsors.

After his first fight, he went around town talking to businesses about his fighting record, which was 0-1. He told them his dream was to be a professional fighter and promised to remain loyal to the businesses that sponsored him along the way.

Morales had 20 sponsors by the time his second fight came around and he made $3,000. He became the highest paid amateur fighter in Las Vegas.

He asked for the fight against Isbell, it was a rematch for Morales. He approached the promoter and told him how many tickets he could sell. “Selling tickets is like your credit score: The more tickets you can sell, the better your credit.”

Morales planned his success one step at a time. He lost his first fight but was able to get sponsors for his second fight, which he won. Morales then fought for a title, then as the main even and onward to a professional career. He says success is whatever you want it to be and for Morales meeting his goals has made him successful.

He is RUTHLESS on the mat, but he is a striker. Just try to hold this man down. He fights hard to get off the mat and strike.

Morales is the first Guatemalan in history to become a professional Las Vegas MMA fighter, to be in magazines, the main event, to become a promoter, everything he has accomplished, he did it first.
Morales now has his own “Ruthless” fighting team. He feels blessed to have this team. He is looking forward to taking Real MMA into the professional realm.

“Fighters are their own business.” Ruthless Rudy Morales is living the Real American Dream and wants to help others do the same.

Today, Morales is a proud parent and he looks forward to the day one of his children will step into the cage. His motto for life is “Believe 2 Believe” and those who are close to him will believe in themselves too.

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