Chris Rios Last Amateur Fight at Real MMA XVI

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Chris Rios made his Muay Thai debut at Real MMA and his last amateur fight will be at Real MMA XVI. After 12 MMA fights, this will be his 11th Muay Thai fight before he travels the world as a professional fighter.

Rios started his training in 2010 and won his first MMA fight in 41 seconds in 2012. A swift kick to the head split the eye of his opponent and the bout was over. His second fight, however, did not go as well. He managed to take the fight to the last round, but in the end he was knocked out. He was out-matched. His opponent was a multi-Muay Thai Champion.

After he goes toe-to-toe with Dylan DeStout, at Real MMA XVI, he will begin his world travels in Thailand. He will be training with the best of the best and fighting in Thailand, China, and Europe. Rios is excited and nervous to begin his new career.

Rios has a large fan base and he is so appreciative of his fans. He said he would not be the person he is today without them. Thank you to my fans!

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