Chris Rojas vs Ray Ostrander

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Chris Rojas went five rounds against Ray “Ace” Ostrander. He said Ostrander did not throw anything he did not expect, but it was a fun experience.

Rojas commanded the first round and put Ostrander on the ropes with repeated knees to the body. Ostrander responded with a headbutt. Rojas’ eye swelled but it did not deter him in any way.

In the second round, Rojas continued to attack with knees to the body, but he managed to break away in round three with a spinning back kick.

In the fifth round, Rojas got the take down. The mat was slippery, but he gained his footing and won the match by unanimous decision.

Rojas said Ostrander was strong. He took some hard hits. Rojas showed up to put it all on the line and he did. Rojas commanded the match from the beginning and wore out Ostrander.

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