Cole Griego Takes the Bantamweight Interim Title

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Cole Griego lived up to the hype. He was not all talk when he stepped into the ring to face Cesar Liborio. The pressure was on, but Griego threw a jab and landed a body kick.

Liborio landed a strong leg kick. And Griego fired back. Liborio knocked him off balance and Griego fell backward into the ring. Griego stepped back into the ring and remained composed. He was grazed and his eye was cut, but he wiped away the blood and got back to business.

Liborio circled to Griego’s left, then Griego almost landed a spinning-back kick. Liborio pressured Griego after the kick was thrown. Liborio came in hard, but Griego landed a sharp left hook, followed by a powerful right hand that knocked Liborio out in 35 seconds.

Griego is looking forward to meeting Julius Lopez in the ring, on April 6, for the title. He promises the same result.

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