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Cole Griego called out the fighters on the Real MMA XVI fight card and they have answered. They are lining up to fight him and shut him up. He called out Cesar Liborio, saying he had not fought in two years and did not deserve a title shot.

Griego called Julius Lopez a skinny little clown and promised to paint the matt with his blood.

Then he told Las Begas to get ready “The 505’s coming.”

Griego is scheduled to fight Liborio on Jan. 26, and he is hoping Liborio does not back out because he believes this fight will be easy money.

As for the other fighters Griego has offended, he says it was all part of his plan. He said, “I’m not calling anyone out except the champion Julius Lopez. All these other bums wanna fight me because I’m the fighter everyone wants to see and they know it. There salty and they gave me exactly what I wanted all of them are to stupid to realize they fell right into my trap.”

Welcome to The Cole Griego Show!

These are just the things he has said during interviews.

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