The Wand Team Wins the First Real MMA Cup!

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Wand Fight Team, under coaches Leandro Lorenco, Michael Costa and Pete Martin won 14 fights in the 2016/2017 season. Some of the winning fighters are Josh Quinlan, Marco Simmons, Kaine Marzola, Cesar Liborio, Urvino Castelan, Alfonso Espinoza, Shaun Paythress, and Timothy Cuamba.

Lorenco teaches Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, Costa teaches Muay Thai and Martin teaches Wrestling. “We have a strong team of coaches to guide our athletes through their early steps in the sport” says Lorenco.

Most Wand Fight Team fighters start out as regular members looking to learn self-defense or get in shape. Throughout the process they become more confident and many times decide to test their acquired skills in MMA.

All students before joining the MMA practices are expected to know the basics of grappling, striking and takedowns (wrestling or judo). After joining the MMA practices they will start to adjust their skills specifically to MMA.

Technique and conditioning are worked all year round, and about 8 weeks before the fight, coaches will discuss the strategy with the fighters and implement it in training.

When not preparing for a fight, the athletes stay active competing in grappling.

“It’s very rewarding to see students that started with us from scratch to succeed as amateur fighters and make the transition to professional MMA” says Lorenco.

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