Jon Sellers vs Aissamme Alviso

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Jon Sellers took on Aissamme Alviso at the Jan. 26, Real MMA XVI event. Sellers has always wanted to bang in Vegas, so he was excited to accept this opportunity.

The two men touched gloves at the sound of the bell and then Alviso started to swing. He landed a left, right and another left. Sellers fought back with a left kick and a job to the body, but Alviso just kept coming.

After a few hits to the head, Sellers went down to the mat. Alviso followed, ground pounding Sellers. The referee had to step in between the two fighters to stop the fight.

Before Lisa King announced the winner of the bout, Alviso had some words of advice or encouragement for Sellers.

Winner by TKO, 11 seconds into the first round, Aissamme Alviso!

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