Jose Alvarez vs Donn Dela Cruz

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Jose Alvarez made his fighting debut at Real MMA XVI against Donn Dela Cruz. Before the fight, both men were bouncing to the music and pumped for a fight.

After the bell rang, the fighters did not touch gloves. They two danced in the middle of the ring waiting for the right time to strike. Dela Cruz landed a punch and a kick to the body. He would strike and back away.

Alvarez through a right hook but was not able to land the hit. Dela Cruz missed a left kick. The two continued to duck and swing. Alvarez dodged a kick and went for the take down. He lifted Dela Cruz into the air and thrust him down to the mat.

Dela Cruz sat up and fought back, struggling against the take down. He managed to stand up, but Alvarez would not let go and brought Dela Cruz to his knees. Dela Cruz worked his way to the corner and stood up again and faced his opponent.

Pinned in the corner, Dela Cruz traded body shots with Alvarez and maneuvered himself out of the corner with his left arm around his opponent’s neck, his head at Dela Cruz’s side.

Alvarez broke free from the hold and took some knees to the body. Dela Cruz pulled away from Alvarez and they both stood in the middle of the ring.

The fighters were, once again, waiting for the right time to strike. Dela Cruz landed a left kick to the head. Alvarez delivered a right jab. Slowing the fight down and waiting out the bell. Both fighters looked a little worn at the end of the first round.

Coming out of their corners the two danced around, biding their time. Dela Cruz delivered a right kick to the body of Alvarez and backed himself to the middle of the ring. He continued to bob and weave with fake kicks and punches, trying to find the right opening and avoid hits from Alvarez.

Dela Cruz delivered another kick across Alvarez’s body. Alvarez had enough, he found an opening and landed several punches to the head of Dela Cruz, backing him against the ropes. Dela Cruz fought off Alvarez, backing him to the center of the ring and taunting him.

Dela Cruz landed a drop kick and backed his opponent against the ropes. Dela Cruz went for a hold and Alvarez tried for a take down. Both failed. Alvarez missed a spin kick and a punch but landed a couple punches to the head.

Dela Cruz worked hard to land hits to the body while protecting his head from Alvarez. The more he tried to more opportunities Alvarez had to attack and the fewer hits Dela Cruz could land. Alvarez was able to pull Dela Cruz in for a couple hard hits to the head and body.

Dela Cruz struck with a hard-right hand but backed off to avoid being hit. He kicked Alvarez in the side of the head, and Alvarez struck back dropping Dela Cruz to one knee. The two traded hits as they danced around the ring until the bell ending round two rang.

Well into round three, Alvarez went for the take down. He got Dela Cruz on the mat and proceeded to punch him in the head and body. Dela Cruz fought hard to get off the mat while he was being hit by Alvarez. However, Alvarez was not able to get Dela Cruz into a submission hold before the final bell.

Donn Dela Cruz was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

By Jeanette Smith

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