Julius Lopez vs Cisco Cossio at Real MMA XVI

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The first Muay Thai fight at Real MMA XVI was Julius Lopez and Cisco Cossio. This fight went all three rounds.

Cossio came out of his corner full of energy. He missed a right kick. Lopez threw a few punches and a kick. Then Cossio landed a left kick to his opponent’s right shoulder. The two continued to trade blows at a fast pace in the middle of the ring.

After the two locked in the ring, the intensity of the bout slowed momentarily. The two fighters appeared to match each other blow for blow and kick for kick. Lopez backed Cossio into a corner and had him against the ropes. The referee broke the fighters up and moved them to the center of the ring.

Cossio jumped and landed a heavy left hand to Lopez’s face. He delivered a kick and Lopez came back with some hard hits to the body and face. Locked up again the two struggled against the ropes. Cossio broke free and they were back in the center of the ring.

The fighters exchanged kicks and Cossio lost his balance. He fell into the ropes but bounced back quickly. Lopez appeared tired, but it did not stop him. He delivered kicks and punches to every opening he found. Cossio kept moving and countered as many blows as Lopez could throw.

When the bell rang to start round two, Lopez came out swinging. Cossio was happy to counter. He tried a left kick, but Lopez caught his foot and blocked the next three kicks from Cossio.

Lopez caught two more kicks and tried to take Cossio down. He was unable to get the proper grip and the two struggled against the ropes with arms locked and both landing knees to the body. Then Lopez landed a hard-right hand to Cossio’s head that caused him to lose his balance and sit on the mat. Cossio bounced up instantly.

The fighters were throwing punches and knees simultaneously, blocking each other’s blows. Lopez fought Cossio into a corner and tried again to take Cossio to the mat. The referee broke them up and put them into the center of the ring again.

The two continued to exchange kicks. Lopez caught Cossio’s leg, then threw him to the mat. The referee allowed Cossio to get up and the fight continued until the bell rang ending the round.

At the beginning of the third round the fighters touched gloves and the kicks ensued. They grappled against the ropes, both landing knees to the body. They broke away from each other, but the feet and hands continued to fly. Lopez caught a kick to the groin and had to take a short break. The crowd was on their feet waiting for the Bantamweight Champion to get to his feet.

When he was ready, Lopez came out swinging. He backed Cossio into the ropes and Cossio pushed him away with a kick. The two went toe-to-toe in the center of the ring in true Muay Thai fashion. Lopez caught another kick from Cossio but could not take him down.

Cossio backed Lopez against the ropes. Lopez caught another kick and threw Cossio to the mat with such momentum Lopez had to stop over his opponent. Even though Cossio got to his feet quickly, the referee broke them up again.

The two exchanged blows into the corner. Lopez broke free and kept swinging. Cossio did not seem to lose any energy or momentum. Lopez looked tired but kept fighting strong. The fight came down to the judges’ decision.

Cisco Cossio won the bout by unanimous decision.

Julius Lopez will defend his Bantamweight Title against Cole Griego at Real MMA, on April 6.

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