Kevin Soza vs Timothy Cuamba at Real MMA XVI

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Kevin Soza stepped into the ring to take on Timothy Cuamba at Real MMA XVI. The two fighters tested each other at the bell. Both waiting for the right time to strike. Soza landed a left kick and Cuamba got in a couple good punches.

Cuamba landed several punches and backed Soza into the ropes. Soza pushed back and the two were locked in the middle of the ring. Cuamba took a couple knees to the body while trying to take Soza to the mat. The two struggled around the ring. Cuamba had Soza against the ropes when the bell rang to end the round.

At the start of round two, Cuamba did not wait, he landed a hard-right hand to Soza’s shoulder. Soza tried to land a left hand, but Cuamba countered with his right. Soza tried to land a right kick, but it was caught by Cuamba who went for the take down. However, Soza landed on the ropes.

The two struggled, locked together in the corner. Cuamba could not get the grip he needed to take Soza to the mat. Soza fought hard against Cuamba and was able to get the footing he needed to take Cuamba to the mat.

With Soza on his back and legs wrapped around his body, Cuamba could not get to his feet. Cuamba tapped out. Soza won with a rear-naked choke hold.

By Jeanette Smith

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