Nathan McKenzie vs Mathew Barber

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Nathan McKenzie fought Mathew Barber for the next Muay Thai fight of Real MMA XVI. Both fighters were ready to bang at the sound of the bell. Barber landed the first punch and McKenzie attempted a spin kick but missed. Then landed a right kick to the body.

The two grappled in the corner. McKenzie landed several knees to Barber’s body before he broke free. Barber chased him across the ring. The two waited each other out for a moment before they both threw a left hand. McKenzie landed a right kick to Barber’s leg.

McKenzie followed with a left kick to the leg and a right hand to the head. The two grappled against the ropes. Barber held McKenzie’s head and put his knees to McKenzie’s body as they went halfway around the ring before McKenzie broke free.

McKenzie delivered a back spin-kick to Barber’s body and followed with three left hands to the head. Barber pushed McKenzie against the ropes with a left hand to the head. McKenzie pulled up his left leg to hold off his opponent. Barber delivered three left knees to the body and failed to land the fourth one.

McKenzie pulled back to the center of the ring. The two exchanged kicks and punches before McKenzie landed a right kick to Barber’s head followed by two left punches. Barber fought back with a right kick and two right hands.

Barber had McKenzie against the ropes again and they walked around the ring as he delivered continuous knees to Barber’s body. They went all the way around the ring until McKenzie kneed Barber and broke free from his hold. Then McKenzie threw a couple left jabs to the face of his opponent and a right spin kick.

Round two started and the fighters came out of their corners ready to fight. Barber with a kick and McKenzie with several punches. Barber’s face was bloody, possibly from the earlier kick to the face.

Both fighters threw Muay Thai knees and punches. Barber’s knee was caught, and he almost lost his balance. The blood did not slow him down, but he missed some punches, possibly due to vision impairment. He managed to land some solid kicks to McKenzie’s gut.

McKenzie was able to land some heavy hands and kicks to Barber before the bell rang ending the round.

Round three began and both came out swinging. Kicks and punches were exchanged, and the crown was on their feet. McKenzie worked over Barber and attempted a few more kicks to the head. None of which landed hard.

Both fighters began to tire and waited each other out until the bell rang. This fight would be determined by the judges.

The winner by unanimous decision is Mathew Barber!

By Jeanette Smith

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