Ruben Castillo vs John McComas

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Ruben Castillo and JohnBoy McComas was the first bout for Real MMA XVI. Both looked pumped and ready to bang.

McComas came out of the blue corner with a kick to the side of Castillo’s head. McComas attempted a left punch, but he was grabbed by Castillo.

Castillo worked hard to lift his opponent and eventually got him up in the air. He put him on the mat, but while McComas was in the air, he was able to place a guillotine holdĀ  on Castillo. The fight was over. Castillo tapped out 16 seconds into the match.

I asked McComas what he was thinking when Castillo had him up in the air. He said, “I got my hand around his neck and felt very confident in choking him.”

He also reminded me that he said, before the fight, Castillo was not prepared for someone like him and Castillo had no business fighting him. He proved himself. McComas said it was nice to embarrass his opponent.

McComas enjoys fighting and defeating his opponents quickly. However, he would like to go toe-to-toe with Cole Griego and he is hoping, if he gets the chance, that fight will last a little longer than 16 seconds.

McComas is fighting in Utah, on March 10, for the 145 pound title.

McComas’ streak continues. He has won all of his fights in 35 seconds or less.

By Jeanette Smith

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