Real MMA XVII Results

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If you missed the Real MMA XVII event on April 6, 2018, here are the results!

Timothy Cuamba beat Morrell Like with an arm triangle 1:19 minutes into the first round.

Tony Asadourian won by unanimous decision over Anthony Medina after three, two-minute rounds.

Adin Fly defeated Gianni Thomas by split decision. This was a Muay Thai match. This was a surprise to many fans, but as Stephan Bonnar explained, in Muay Thai, kicks are worth more points than punches.

Woody Salinas beat Pierre Lagasca by judges decision.

Briana Smits won over Celina Delgado by unanimous decision. This was a great match up. This fight was fast paced and entertaining to watch.

The fight between Micah Hudson and Jose Camacho was considered a no contest after Camacho delivered a low blow.

Armando Acosta won by decision over Jay Storey. This was Storey’s debut fight

Paul Madrid lost to Dominic Yara by decision. This was an intense Muay Thai fight to watch. Again, fans were surprised that Madrid did not win or lose by split decision.

Ambrose Vigil lost by split decision to Chris Min. This was a great mixed martial arts fight. Both fighters showcased their talents and it was a close match.

The match between Chris Rios and Dylan DeStout was canceled.

Quincy Havis won is debut match against Terryl Johnson. That fight was won by TKO due to injury. This was Havis’ debut match. He was ferocious in the ring. Real MMA’s Rudy Morales said this fighter is one to watch. He had multiple fans in the crowd.

The main event was won by Jake Wilkins over Dominique Edwards by unanimous decision.

I was able to interview Wilkins after the big fight. He said that Edwards was a worthy opponent and he was tired come the fifth round.  Edwards looked like he tired early and Wilkins had energy to spare. Wilkins did admit that it was a tough fight with five rounds. He was expected an easy fight. He was planning to take his time through the first round and was expecting to be able to knock out Edwards in the second round.

Edwards proved to be a worthy opponent. Wilkins said he lost the fourth round, but the fight went to the judges after the fifth round and Wilkins won by unanimous decision. Edwards’ over-hand hits looked like they landed hard, but Wilkins said they were not heavy.

The title winner is from Japan and has been in the United States for three years. He moved to Albuquerque a year ago. He came to the U.S. to fight MMA. Real MMA XVII was Wilkins first Vegas fight.

It is possible the higher elevation in Albuquerque helped Wilkins maintain his energy and cardio. He admitted he was tired at the end, but looked like he still had some energy to spend.

Wilkins has a black belt in Judo. He started practicing when he was around 9 years old. He gave up Judo after high school to fight MMA and he has not looked back. He has now won 4 fights and has not lost any. He continues to reign undefeated.

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