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Anselmo Gutierrez is a light heavyweight from Denver, Colorado. He is an all-around style fighter who prides himself in not having a fighting preference. Gutierrez says it makes him a better fighter and keeps his opponents on their toes.

He started fighting not long after being hired to be a sparring partner. He thought sparring would be a good way to shed some extra pounds. He took Dutch- style kickboxing classes for a year and his sparring partner believed Gutierrez was ready, not only for a fight, but a professional bout.

His first fight was Dec. 2, 2011.  Gutierrez knocked out Stephane Pinet 38 seconds into the first round, proving he was a beast and ready for professional mixed martial arts. His second fight was three months later, and Gutierrez won by technical knockout in the second round against Guillaume Vigneau.

It seemed the Gutierrez was on fire. He moved to Las Vegas, so he would have more opportunities to fight for Spartan Combat League. He had two bouts canceled at the last minute and then struggled to get another fight.

Training can become expensive when waiting for a fight. At one point, Gutierrez was struggling financially, so he took a job in security and worked his way up to security manager over three years at a nightclub. He did not stop training, however, he focused on learning and helping fighters prepare for bouts.

Gutierrez likes the discipline that comes with mixed martial arts. He said it is about the journey. He has learned a lot about himself and how to overcome obstacles. “The fight is a showcase of the hard work I have put in.”

It has been 5 years since his last fight. When asked if he was nervous to get back into the cage, Gutierrez said he is always nervous. “I am locked inside a cage with someone who wants to hurt me. If I wasn’t nervous there would be something wrong with me.”

Gutierrez’s strategy for his Aug. 25 fight against Bill Martin is to find the openings and execute damage. He is confident he will knockout Martin.

Right now, Gutierrez is relaxing and enjoying his time before the match. When asked what he had to say to Martin, Gutierrez said, “Wait for the weigh-in.” He says he hopes the bout will go in his favor, and it always goes in his favor.

To his fans and family, Gutierrez is overwhelmed with how many people have purchased tickets to see him fight. He genuinely thanks all who have supported and encouraged him on this journey.

See Gutierrez fight Martin at Real MMA XVIII, on Aug. 25, 2018, at Sam’s Town Casino. The bell rings at 7 p.m.

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