Gokor Ambaryan Is Back and Ready to Get Into the Cage

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Gokor Ambaryan is ready to step into the cage on Aug. 25, 2018 for Real MMA XVIII. This will be his first professional fight and he is fighting Sir Mosley.

Ambaryan is a black belt in Jiu-jitsu and Judo. At first glance, people assume he is a grappler, but he is an all-around fighter. He is well rounded and ready to take on Mosley in the cage.

He has been cutting weight for this bout. This is the first time he has fought at 180 pounds. He says there is a science to cutting weight and it is part of fighting.

Ambaryan has not been in the Real MMA ring in almost three years. However, he never stopped training. He has even participated in some Jiu-jitsu competitions. His goal for this fight was to get in shape and then cut weight. He is almost to his fight weight, right on target.

His strategy for this fight is to put the pressure on and take the win. His amateur fight record is 3-0-0, so it would seem the fight may be in his favor.

Ambaryan does not care about how many fights his opponent has fought or won. They both have signed a contract to fight and Las Vegas will know who is better when they face off on Saturday night.

He has always trained and fought like a professional because he wanted to be sure he was ready to step into the ring. Being prepared prevents fighters from being embarrassed and/or injured. Ambaryan said that some fighters do not take their bout seriously enough and that is when bad things can happen.

In a typical day, Ambaryan executes his morning workout, then he goes home to eat and rest. In the afternoon he teaches a kids Jiu-jitsu class and then he goes to his own evening class. He keeps this schedule whether he is preparing for a fight or not.

Ambaryan is nervous about getting into the cage for the first time, but nerves are normal. He knows how to control his butterflies and how to calm himself before a fight. He is confident that he will be fight ready and focused when the cage door is locked.

To all his fans, Ambaryan is grateful for the support you have shown. He is getting into the cage for this fight for them as much as he is for himself.

Do not miss this fight at Sam’s Town Casino on Aug. 25. The bell rings at 7 p.m.

By Jeanette Smith

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