Anselmo Gutierrez Takes the Win After 5 years

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Anselmo Gutierrez won his third professional fight at Real MMA XVIII on Aug. 25, 2018, at Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino.

After five years, Gutierrez got back into the cage.

Standing at 5’11”, weighing in at 222 pounds with 2 wins, 0 losses, and representing Drysdale Jiu-jitsu out of Las Vegas, Gutierrez bounced and stretched in his corner. Also standing at 5’11”, weighing in at 205 pounds with 7 wins, 18 losses, Billy Martin was booed by the crowd when Lisa King announced his name.

The bell rang, and Martin wasted little time feeling out his opponent. He swung a miss judged Superman punch and then threw a half-hearted kick. Gutierrez caught the kick and threw Martin to the mat. Gutierrez stood over Martin landing left and right punches in a furry. Martin kicked in desperation trying to avoid the hits. Martin got up on all fours and Gutierrez got down on the mat continuously punching and grabbing him.

Martin stood up, Gutierrez’s arms still around him. Then, Martin rolled forward taking his relentless opponent with him. On the mat, Martin was on his back, legs in the air. Gutierrez took the full mount before he stood up and continued to ground and pound Martin and Gutierrez finished the fight with a TKO 1:03 into the first round.

Gutierrez is in the middle of moving right now. After some things heal up for him, he plans to be back in the cage..

His next fight will be at a light heavyweight. His next goal is to continue to workout and train for his next fight and naturally drop any extra weight.

Gutierrez says his journey is just beginning. He is looking for another professional fight in about five months. Then, he is looking for a title fight while he works his way to UFC or Bellator. There, he will work his way to becoming the light heavyweight champion. Until then, Gutierrez is taking it one fight at a time and one tap at a time.

By Jeanette Smith

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