Veta Arteaga Wants Title Fight

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Veta Arteaga is the guillotine specialist at her gym in Boise, Idaho.

It was no surprise that Arteaga went for the choke when she sensed the fight with Denise Kielholtz had shifted. The Bellator kickboxing champion seemed as if she was tired when the fight went to the mat for the second time. Arteaga thought it may be a good time to catch her opponent.

Arteaga was willing to stand and strike with her counterpart, and the two had some heated exchanges. When Keilholtz got to her feet, Arteaga pounced!

She was ecstatic backstage as she recounted the details of her paramount-televised win over Kielholtz. Arteaga told MMA Junkie, “Then she got back up, and that’s when I got that guillotine.” And she got that win in her hometown!

Empowered by her success, Arteaga asked for a title fight against flyweight champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane. Arteaga said she felt like she deserved a title shot. She has shown up to all her previous fights ready to put on a show and that night she had her finish. Arteaga recently defeated the kickboxing champ and before that she beat Emily Ducote, the title challenger. To Arteaga, a title fight just makes sense.

By Jeanette Smith


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