Jack Culshaw Injuries Legs Celebrating Victory

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Amateur MMA fighter, Jack Culshaw, may have made himself a household name. Unfortunately, he is going viral for the wrong reason.

Culshaw is the latest athlete to injure himself during a celebration. Seconds after Culshaw beat Zak Edwards by TKO, Culshaw climbed the cage. He was celebrating his win. On his way down from the cage, he landed awkwardly and came up limping.

He does not know the full extent of his injuries, but he painted a grim picture for MMAFighting.

“I went and had an X-ray and there are no bones broken, but do you know the patella, the knee cap? That’s been twisted around, and they think my ACL is blown. We’ll have to wait and see, but they have to look at my other leg too, the left leg, they said that knee could go as well. So, when they’re done with the rehab on my right leg, they’re going to have to do my left leg as well.”

Culshaw said his right knee “popped straight out” four different times that night.

He is not the first athlete to suffer an embarrassing injury while celebrating. Defensive end for the Chicago Bears, Lamarr Houston, tore his ACL celebrating a sack in 2014. Los Angeles Angels slugger Kendrys Morales fractured his leg jumping on home plate after completing a home run. Possibly the most well-known celebration injury belongs to Arizona Cardinals kicker, Bill Gramatica. He tore his ACL while jumping after he made a field goal.

By Jeanette Smith


Yahoo! Sports: MMA amateur suffers embarrassing injuries to legs celebrating victory

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