Bryan Linares Accepts Defeat and Prepares for Rematch

Bryan Linares took on Keegan Blanco for the Main Event at Real MMA XII on Friday, October 28. This was his third Muay Thai fight and first loss.

Blanco won by submission, with an arm triangle choke hold, in Round 3.

In an interview before the fight, Linares stated that this was only the beginning, and his dream was so big it would not fit inside his own mind. After the first loss of his career, his attitude has not changed.

Fighters often say that a match can be lost before entering the octagon. Mixed martial arts is as much a mental, as it is a physical sport. Linares made no excuses for his loss, however, admitted he was not himself that night. He was defeated both mentally and physically.

However, he has already scheduled a rematch for Jan. 27, 2017. He said he will prove his fighting skills to the fans in that match.

Linares uses Muay Thai and kick-boxing fighting styles in the octagon. Fans will see the real him, pumped-up for a fight that will end with different results.

The fighter, who does not make predictions about his fights, had a clear and determined tone in his voice. This was not the sound of wounded pride. He lost the Main Event, on Friday, and Linares accepts that defeat. He does plan to learn from that fight and turn things around on January 27.

By Jeanette Smith

Images Courtesy of Chris Camacho – Used With Permission