Invicta Fighting Championships
Invicta Fighting Championships

Super Baby Face Assassin Brings Record to 2-0

It's called Real MMA, but we feature the best in amateur Muay Thai. Fighting out of Fasi Sports here in Las Vegas, Mathew "Super Baby Face Assassin" Barber took on his second win after defeating his opponent, Alvaro Gallardo, Friday night. These two stepped into the ring and gave us a classic Muay Thai throw down(without [...]

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Bryan Linares Dancing On Cumbia In the Cage

Friday, Oct. 28, 2016, Bryan Linares will face Keegan Blanco in the octagon at Sam’s Town Live! This fight will be the main event in Real MMA XII. This will be Linares third match. The 21-year-old amateur MMA fighter is from Guatemala but fights out of the Center for New Mexico. Linares has not lost [...]

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MMA Bout Between Anthony “Phoenix” Ace and Cesar Palacios

On Oct. 28, 2016, Mixed Martial Arts fighter Anthony “Phoenix” Ace will battle his opponent, Cesar Palacios. The tournament will be live at Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is the gambling and entertainment capital of the world. Statistics for Ace: Age: 28 Height: 6'1" Weight Class: Flyweight Win-Loss-Draw: 0-1-0 Last Fight: July [...]

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MMA Bryan Linares and Keegan Blanco Take on Sin City

Mixed martial artists, Bryan Linares and Keegan Blanco will take on Sin City when they go head-to-head Friday, October 28, at Sam's Town Live, in Las Vegas. Linares comes in with an amateur record of 2-0-0. The 21-year-old weighs in at 124 lbs. and is ranked 50th out of 289 active West U.S. amateur bantamweights. [...]

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Real MMA XII Presents Cameron Cooper v Joseph Rivela

Real MMA XII presents a match between Cameron Cooper and Joseph Rivela on October 28, 2016, at Sam's Town Casino and Gambling Hall. Muay Thai is the fighting style these two featherweight amateurs practice. Cooper has two fights under his belt, whereas this is Rivela's first match. Cooper's History: 0-2-0 (Win-Lose-Draw) Record 25 years old [...]

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MMA’s Women Fighters Danielle Hayes and Cheryl Salazar

The Real Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) next fight is taking place at Sams Town Live in Las Vegas, Nev. on Oct. 28, 2016. Female fighters Danielle Hayes and Cheryl Salazar are two of the opponents on the fight ticket. Admission for the event will cost $27. The event's official weigh-in takes place in the Sagebrush [...]

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The Journey of Legendary Kimbo Slice

Born Kevin Ferguson, Kimbo Slice began as a street fighter. He challenged the men in his Miami neighborhood and with little effort took each man down, one at a time. These street fights were how Slice’s talents were first recognized. Slice grew up in an impoverished neighborhood. He was a football player in high school [...]

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The Fascinating Evolution of Modern-Day MMA

Part I: The Early Years (1993-2000) In November 1993, Sports Entertainment Group (SEG Sports) agreed to sponsor and promote an exciting, revolutionary idea: The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Sparked by the idea of Art Davie, a successful entrepreneur and advertising executive, and Rorion Gracie, a master of an exotic, little known (at that time) art [...]

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Mixed Martial Arts No Longer Banned in the State of New York

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is no longer banned in the state of New York. There has been great controversy and turmoil over the decision to lift the ban. The New York Assembly and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), have been battling the topic of the legalization of MMA for over 19 years. Many government officials [...]

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Featherweight Title Match

Sherrard Blackledge v Josh Clark for the belt. Josh Clark stepped up and took the match 10 days before the event. Sherrard Blackledge was supposed to fight Charles Weast for the title, but he has been suspended since August 2015, and was unable to get his suspension lifted for the event. Round 1: Josh Clark [...]

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