March 25, 2016

Friday, March 25, 2016, Real Mixed Martial Arts held the Featherweight Championship. It was also the night Kaine Kong Marzola returned to the hexagon for his final amateur fight!

The night did not disappoint. Fists were thrown, kicks flew and the holds were numerous and contorting. The crowd was brought to their feet many times during the fights, as things grew intense. Each fighter brought everything they had into the match, many dropping to the mat from exhaustion when the fight was over.

Sherrard Blackledge took on Josh Clark for the Featherweight Championship Belt. This was a last minute change, as Blackledge was supposed to battle it out against Charles Weast. However, Weast was suspended for a low-blow in August and was unable to get his suspension lifted in time for the Championship match.

and Kaine’s return was victorious.