Keegan Blanco represented Final Round Athletics in Real MMA XII. He fought Bryan Linares in the Muay Thai Main Event, On Friday, Oct. 28, 2016. This was Blanco’s fourth win and Linares’ first loss.

Blanco is 23 years old and has been fighting in the amateur MMA octagon for two years. He has wrestled since he was 3 and would like to gain experience in all forms of martial arts.

Preparing for his fifth match was no different for him than any other day. He wakes up each day ready for battle mentally and physically. There are no days off; every day is a training day. It is a way of life; no one can take a day off from life.

The Muay Thai challenger from Nebraska aspires to win a belt from each state. Blanco is always looking for a match that will challenge him, push him, promote his name, and help him climb the MMA ladder. Each fight brings about a learning experience and keeps him focused.

To those who want to become MMA fighters, Blanco said:

Go with your goals. Don’t let anyone say they’re better that you or that they can beat you. Push yourself harder each day.

To the MMA Fans:

Thank you for your support. I appreciate the encouragement of my family, friends, and the fans. I appreciate all you do. Keep pushing me.

By Jeanette Smith
Images Courtesy of Chris Camacho – Used With Permission