Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Fighter Info

FromLas Vegas, Nevada
Fight Out OfHenderson, Nevada
Weight148. lbs.


Charles Weast is currently suspended by the Nevada Athletics Commission.  Prior to his suspension, Weast won bouts against Kyle Neal twice and once against Cameron Olson. Before Weast became an amateur MMA fighter, he was an amateur boxer, however, he enjoys both stand-up and on the ground fighting.

As a teenager, Weast raced BMX and road dirt bikes. He also was a wrestler in high school. He got into some trouble for street fighting and, as a result, he did some jail time and has been on house arrest. In 2010, due to a senseless violent crime, Weast lost his young daughter, and essentially, himself. He simply and understandably gave up. However, Alexa, Weast’s wife, would not allow him to stay down. She encouraged him and his second daughter inspired him while his training partners and coaches pushed him to climb that mountain and work toward his dreams.

Weast told a reporter, “MMA is my life and will be as long as the Guy above lets me do it, I will make a living out of this for me and my family.”