Roberto Escober fought in his fifth Muay Thai event on Oct. 28, 2016. He faced off against Todd Jensen in his ninth amateur fight. Was this bought experience versus skill?

Escober entered the octagon without any doubt. That was his mental training process. If he felt that he might not be good enough, he trained. If he was nervous about the match, he trained. His trainers, Norm Turner and  MChazulkey, share the philosophy that a fighter can defeat himself through lack of self-esteem.

The strategy Escober developed for the Friday night fight was to take it slow in the first round. He wanted to save his energy for the second and third rounds. This was not how the match played out.

Jensen and Escober heard the bell and met in the octagon. Escober landed a couple of kicks to Jensen’s neck and body, followed by a spin kick to the face. Once Escober realized his opponent was hurt, he went for the kill, throwing a series of three punches: a cross, hook, cross.

In one minute, 24 seconds, the match came to an end. Escober won by TKO. He used the adrenaline rush to run around the ring kicking and celebrating his first TKO.

He loves fighting and could not stop smiling before the fight started. He said there is an unexplainable rush of emotion that comes over him when he steps into the octagon. The crowd added to his energy and excitement by chanting, “Catrachos,” which is a term used for people from Honduras, Escober’s home country.

He has been in the United States since 2006. He always wanted to be an MMA fighter. He started out boxing and then jiu-jitsu but Muay Thai is his favorite fighting style.

His first fight was in 2010, and he has been smiling ever since. The art brings him so much joy, he cannot help but show it! The October 28, match was his first one in eight months. He was more than happy to participate in the event.

The Muay Thai fighter works as a medical assistant by day and a ramp supervisor for the airport, by night. He trains in his free time. When asked how he finds the time, he simply stated, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” All he wants to do is fight and ensure each performance is better than the last.

He is hoping to be matched up again, as soon as December. Escober said that his goal is to get a few more fights under his belt and then visit Thailand for a month. He is hoping to set up a match while he trains there. He visited the country for two weeks and is looking forward to taking his Muay Thai skills to the next level.

During the interview, Escober was laid back and focused on who he will face next. He said he is always looking ahead. He enjoys representing his trainers in the octagon and gives them the credit for pushing him and making him a better, more exciting fighter each time he has a bought.

To the MMA fans, Escober says:

Thank you for your support. My next performance will be better than my last. I will continue to improve and give my best performance.

By Jeanette Smith
Image Courtesy of Chris Camacho – Used With Permission