2016-3-23 Real MMA Weigh in-Blackledge

Sherrard Blackledge is no stranger to fighting. He grew up in a tough neighborhood in Maryland and he saw other kids being bullied and pushed around. Blackledge stepped in and took on the bully, but only when necessary. He said, “Its kinda like having super powers but knowing when not to use them.”

Blackledge won the Featherweight Championship belt on March 25, 2016. This fight, however, was much more difficult to train for. Originally, he was going to fight Charles Weast but he was unable to fight. Seven days before the fight, he learned he would be fighting Josh Clark instead. This took some fast adjusting.

Blackledge was mentally and physically prepared to fight a man who stood at 5’1o” and used a freestyle form of fighting. To preparing to fight a man 6’4″ to Blackledge’s 5’11” and Clark had a completely different fighting style.

There were few videos available of Clark to study but the primary thing Blackledge had to do was forget everything he had planned for his fight against Weast. Three months of watching, studying and planning had to be completely erased from his mind. All he could do at this point was train and concentrate on what he had to do.

Blackledge proved in 1:59 that size does not matter in the hexagon. He took down Clark with an arm bar submission for the Featherweight Title Belt, a goal he has held since the first time he stepped into a ring.

He thought he was going to be a boxer. That was what he trained for and that is what he wanted until a friend offered him an MMA fight and Blackledge has not looked back since. This superhero trains hard and goes home spent and sore every day but nothing can stop him now. The adrenaline high he gets from winning a fight drives him to train harder.

So all villains and bullies beware there is a Superhero Champion on the loose. The only question left to ask is, “Who is next?”