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Calvin Parrington of Carlson Gracie, Las Vegas, Nevada, has fighter, killer, and beast embedded in his DNA. This 24-year-old lightweight contender‘s father was a fifth-degree Hawaiian Kenpo instructor. His passion and Kenpo-mastered skill set seeped into the daily life of young Parrington. By the time he was 5 years old, he was already training to be the fierce warrior he is today. Kenpo was only the beginning for this young man of many styles. Parrington moved on to study wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and then Jiu Jitsu. The deep passion he has for fighting is a bright fire burning inside him, that can be seen by anyone who has seen him do what he does best… Fight!

After he won the contending match with Real MMA in November 2015, Parrington realized his dream of being the champion was even closer to becoming reality.

When asked about his most recent match on Jan. 22, 2016 at Sam’s Town, and his training history, Parrington answered, “My whole life has been fighting, or combat training. I had the vision of being THE champion years and years ago. I worked my a** off every day, training, and conditioning my body to be a living weapon. I pushed myself beyond my own limits. I dug deep and wrestled with bears and crocodiles. I have been swimming with all breeds of sharks: Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads, and Great Whites. I’m the truth.”

He followed up this statement with a bold message to his adversary, “Andre…you’ll shortly find out. I’m the Floyd Mayweather of MMA. I’m a different breed. I change lives. I know the whole game! I’m a supremely well-rounded fighter. I AM the prodigy. I AM the truth, and most importantly, Andre, I AM COMING FOR THAT BELT!”

Come for that belt he did. After five highly intense rounds, Calvin Parrington became the Real MMA Lightweight Champion.

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