Chris Owen Promises He Will Win the 170 Pound Title

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Chris Owen has been drawn to mixed martial arts since he saw his first fight in the eighth grade. He played water polo in college and when he decided the college tack was not what he wanted, he turned to fighting.
“I have always been a real scrappy kid. I grew up in a real scrappy place.” He dabbled with Muay Thai and was on the wrestling team in high school. Mixed martial arts seemed like the next logical step and was like second nature to Owen.

At the age of 18, he joined a gym to become a trained MMA fighter. Owen says the sport has evolved, and fighters have to learn more. He is strong on boxing and grappling but he can do what it takes to hurt his opponent.

Owen says he is good at everything, so he is ready to take on his opponent. He was going to retire in 2016, and join the military. Instead he became a husband and a father. Therefore, he decided it was time to return to training.

Two weeks before a September 2017 fight, Owen broke his nose and was not able to perform. However, he feels that he is coming back stronger. He says, “There ain’t no stopping me!”

Owen said he is nervous about this fight, but he is supposed to be nervous. His first fight, he was not nervous. He also was not sure what to expect. However, he tore his shirt off before he got into the ring, and let loose when the bell rang for the win.

He says he has grown up a lot since he was 18, and is thinking more and being more aware of his surroundings. He will be calm and alert. His boxing is really going to show in his next fight. He likes fighting but likes to win more.

Owen has put in a lot of work and his has built up his confidence. He is learning how to process his losses and wins, learning from past fights to be better for the next fight. There is no moreself-doubt. He is going to win this fight.

The week before the fight everything needs to come together and feel good. The body needs to respond positively, and the brain needs to absorb the fight plan and any new moves.

Owen listens to his body and he has not found the perfect approach to weigh cutting, however, he is confident he is on the right track, now that he understands proper nutrition.

Rage Against the Machine and visualization helps Owen pump up right before a fight so he can mentally go with the flow in the ring.

He will be fighting against Aaron Thomson, out of Utah, for a title at Real MMA XVI, on Jan. 26, 2018. This will be his first fight in almost 2 years. Owen believes this is a great match. They are roughly the same height, weight, and age.

Owen wants his fans to watch and see what he can do. They call him The Birdman and he intends to win this fight. This belt is his ticket to the pros.

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    You go Chris.

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    You got this !

  3. Anonymous January 6, 2018 at 1:34 am - Reply

    Im so proud of u

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