Former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes Accused of Abusing Wife and Nephew

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Matt Hughes, the former UFC welterweight champion, denies allegations of domestic violence by his wife Audra Hughes and his brother.

On Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019, the former welterweight champion released a statement on Instagram. This came after TMZ Sports reported on Tuesday that his wife and brother, Audra and Mark Hughes, had both obtained a restraining order to keep the MMA fighter away from them.

Audra stated that Hughes committed several attacks on her. Mark’s request for the restraining order, however, came after Hughes allegedly “roughed up” Mark’s 15-year-old son in September.

In Hughes’ statement he noted the serious brain injuries he suffered in June 2017 when his car was struck by a train.

“Unfortunately, my marriage was not perfect long before the accident, but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER would I, or have I physically hurt those who I care about most.”

By Jeanette Smith


Bleacher Report: UFC HOFer Matt Hughes Denies Domestic Violence Allegations from Wife, Brother

Image by Lance Cpl. Stephen McGinnis Courtesy of Wikimedia Common – Creative Commons License

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