Timothy Cuamba Talks About What It Is to Be in the MMA

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Timothy “Timmy” Cuamba is a 20-year-old orthodox Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter. He started training at eight years old and began professionally fighting at the Real MMA at 18. Cuamba realized fighting was his passion after his parents had him try it out at a very young age. At only 10 years old, he realized he wanted to make a career of it.

Cuamba is a featherweight fighter, standing at 145 pounds. He has a 3-1 fighting score, almost a perfect record. Timothy says his most challenging fight was his last one against 3-0 MMA fighter, Christian Hermeseo, because he “got to showcase [his] skills.” He says the fight brought out the best in him, and he found it best to “stick to [his] game plan” during the match. In regards to losing a match, Cuamba states, “you accept it and go over what you did wrong and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Cuamba says “there is no quick way to become a fighter, but [one needs to] be consistent and active.”  Taking his own advice about the topic, he trains every day, two times a day. He says he intermittently trains three times a day, sharpening his skills in two different gyms. Cuamba states that the type of training he does depends on the day, but he mostly practices sparring and wrestling. He has made it a habit to know how his opponent fights so that he can train for the opposite style to counteract them, catching them off-guard. 

In all his years of fighting, Cuamba says he never sustained a serious injury because he “fights smart,” and intends to keep it that way. Though he has not personally been truly injured while fighting, Cuamba says that MMA is dangerous and everyone is not meant to withstand the harshness of the sport.

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Timothy Cuamba Interview, April 2019

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