Andre Hafer Speaks About How He Got His Nickname

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Andre Hafer spoke out in a promotional video for a fight against Lorenzo “Bad Intentions” Hawkins about how he earned his nickname, “The Sauce.” He stated,

“I started out in Glendale Arizona in the MMA Lab and um, from there I went to a couple other gyms. I wasn’t doing Mixded Martial Arts for long, I came in and I was only training for one month and I took my first fight. It was…in Phoenix, Arizona. Ever since then, the rest was history. I guess it was uphill, I wouldn’t say downhill, it was uphill from there. I got my¬† first title fight against Kenny Marzola, my third amature fight here. I believe I was 4-0 at that time. I came in and I won that fight and people were like “man kid, you got it. You got the sauce.””

Written by Trinity Oglesby


Interview With Andre Hafer April 2019

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