Lorenzo “Bad Intentions” Hawkins Bashes Andre Hafer

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In April, Lorenzo Hawkins promoted his fight against Andre Hafer. He encouraged everyone watching his promo video to come and support him. In his video, he bashed Hafer, saying

“Andre Hafer, I mean, what’s his…what’s his name? Andre the B*****. Wait, no. Wait, wait, my bad, my bad. Andre the Princess. No, that’s not it. Andre what the h*** is it? Is it “Sauce?” Oh, Sauce Hafer! That’s who it is! I knew it was something. You know, but you look like a b**** when you came in with your nails painted. And I’m gonna tell you one thing: This is for you dude. This is for you dog, for real.”

Hawkins then says that he is not the one to play with and that he will surely win the fight.

Written by Trinity Oglesby


Interview With Lorenzo Hawkins April 2019

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