Fighters Are Taught Techniques For Escaping Opponent’s Clench

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Mixed Martial Arts fighters are taught many techniques to hone their skills. One in particular, how to escape an opponents clench, was taught to fighters during a seminar in Florida. Their instructor showed them an interactive example of how the escape should be executed.

He stated that to disengage the clench, from that position he is

“going to drop [his body]. I’m going to drop and I’m going to push, sliding out. Now the key here is I want to push him back and moveout. Half and half. Half push half pull. So, I’m stuck in a clench here, I tuck my chin so my head is at a 45 [degree angle]. I’m going to drop and push [at opponent’s elbows] so he slides…Now when you do this, key points: It’s not bend at the waist, it’s drop. If I bend…he’s going to push down and knee me in the face.”

The instructor concluded by reminding the fighters that after they escape the clench, they should continue by countering their opponent.

Written by Trinity Oglesby


Technique review from Florida Seminar, 2009

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of the Real Mixed Martial Arts Website

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